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Engine maintenance is vital to keep your car or truck operating at peak performance. It also impacts the longevity of your vehicle's engine. Trust the experts at Diesel Worx to help you protect your investment. Call us at 504-810-9679 or visit our shop in Kenner 70062.

These are some of the engine maintenance services we offer.

Check Engine Light
No one likes to see their car's "Check Engine" light come on. The light could mean a costly problem, like a bad catalytic converter, or it could be something minor, like a loose gas cap. At Diesel Worx, we can pull the code and diagnose the problem for you. Give us a call at 504-810-9679 or stop by the shop for our expert assistance.

Although diesel engines don't require tune-ups and tend to last longer than gasoline engines, they do require regular maintenance. Typical maintenance tasks include:

  • Changing the oil & filter
  • Changing the air filter
  • Changing the fuel filter
  • Bleeding the fuel system
  • Draining the water separators
  • Refilling the urea injection system

You can count on the experts at Diesel Worx to help your diesel engine last a long time.

Fuel Injection
Fuel injection is a system for admitting fuel into an engine. Since 1990, fuel injectors have completely replaced carburetors as the primary means of getting gasoline into the engine. A fuel injector atomizes the fuel by forcibly pumping it through a small nozzle (under high pressure). Failure of the fuel injection system means poor performance and ultimately destroys the engine. Make sure your vehicle's fuel injection system is maintained properly. For all your fuel injection maintenance and replacement needs, call 504-810-9679 or visit Diesel Worx today.

An ignition system is a system for igniting (using an electric spark) a mixture of fuel and air in a gasoline engine. A properly working ignition system means a properly starting engine and high performance from your car. For all your ignition system maintenance and replacement needs, call or visit Diesel Worx today.

Oil, Lube, and Filter
To keep running smoothly, your car highly relies on oil, lube, and oil filters. Oil helps in lubricating, cooling, and cleaning the internal engine components. With time, motor oil becomes contaminated. Your car needs an oil, lube, and filter change every three months (or 3,000 miles). When it is time for a lube, oil, or filter change, take your vehicle to Diesel Worx in Kenner, LA 70062.

To learn more about our Engine Maintenance services, call us at 504-810-9679 or request a quote by clicking below:

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We were camping 1800 miles from home when our F250 tow vehicle had engine problems. No local dealer could get us in for 2-3 weeks but one recommended Diesel Worx. Mike, the service manager, was incredible - he was knowledgeable, compassionate, and responsive to our predicament. The shop was spotless and they even had a pleasant service assistant who drove us back to the campground and then picked us up when the work was completed. Excellent and highly recommended!

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